Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2009 Reunion - Durango Colorado

The Tri-annual Carter Reunion planning process is currently underway. This time, the family matriarchs entrusted their offspring to successfully plan and carry out the 2009 reunion. Whether this was a wise choice remains to be seen. Fortunately, if things continue to progress as they already have, the reunion will prove to be a great time for all. Thanks to the efforts of John (or Blaine, did he really think we would let him change to his first name that easily?) and others, we now have a location and dates. After deliberation amongst the cousins, Durango, Colorado was selected as the location, and John reserved the beautiful Chris Park group campsite for the following dates: June 20th through June 25th. The Chris Park campsite is 19 miles north of Durango and located at 8000'. Plus it is close to a river. With Durango only 19 miles away, those who are camping averse can stay in Durango at night and lose to me at horseshoes during the day.

You are all invited to be authors (post blogs) on this site and comment freely. If I inadvertently neglected to include your email in the author invite, please let me know. I think it would be fun to post blogs of memories of former reunions or ideas and random thoughts concerning this one. Please upload pictures also.

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